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In the beginning stages of manufacture, all styles of carpet begin as loop pile. During the manufacturing process, these loops are cut, which creates the various textures and patterns of the cut pile carpet type. In the process, if some loops are left uncut while others are cut, the end result is “cut and loop” pile carpet.

All of these types of carpets are used in residential settings, but the cut pile types are the most popular among homeowners. Berber and other loop pile carpets are becoming more in use. The popluarity of cut and loop carpets has declined since the 70s and 80s.

There are basically three construction types of carpet to consider: This carpet is so soft that it evokes the sensation when touching velvet. This carpet provides a rich texture which defines elegance in a formal setting.

Plush carpet is very smooth and will show your footprints and vacuum trails. It’s a natural occurrence for this type of carpet.

If you don’t want to see the outline of your footprints all over the house it’s best to use plush carpet in rooms where there is less traffic. Plush carpet shows more pile and water marks. Constant trampling over the carpet that crushes the carpets fibers will result in water marking.

The carpet is called a cut pile. Twisting 2 or more piles, then heat setting them so the tip of each tuft is visible on the surface, is how Saxony carpet is produced.

To bringing an elegant feel to any room,the Saxony carpets are a well-known favorite. In a formal or traditional setting, this is very well accepted.

Carpet technology has brought the durability factor up for the Saxony carpet, but consumers should be aware that this type of carpet will show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks, it’s just the nature of the carpet style.


Carpets that are textured are available in both solid print and patterns. Due to its construction of twisted fibers, textured style is excellent for high foot traffic.

No matter how your room is decorated a textured carpet will fit right in. It is very versatile, working in both casual and more formal areas of the home.

Another type of cut pile carpet, Frieze, is constructed with highly twisted fibers that result in excellent durability for high traffic areas. The fibers are short and curl in various directions, which easily hides footprints and vacuum marks. Sometimes you will hear this called “trackless” carpet.

The most popular and resilient carpets you can buy today are Frieze carpets. The carpet is incredibly simple to restore to cleanliness. The varieties available in Frieze carpets include neat nub to a laid-back loose appearance which is now extremely stylish among interior designers.

This type of loop pile carpet is extremely durable and can be used with great style in your home although it has only become popular in recent years.

There are three types of loose pile carpet available today: level loop, textured loop and multi-level loop.

Level loop carpet is widely used in commercial settings, but Berbers are available for your home. The level loop structure has loops of an identical height, often have printed patterns on the soft exterior. The lower-density construction allows the loops to be farther apart, which provides an illusion of texture.

By varying the loop height, infinite combinations of pattern and texture are created. Changing the shade of the fiber brightens the appearance of texture too. The textured loop type carpet is now a well known type for a beautiful room.

Multilevel loop carpet is similar to textured loop carpet but with greater height variation of the loops and without enhancement of the color.

Just as the name suggests, the cut and loop pile carpet is constructed with a combination of yarns. Some loops are cut, while others remain uncut – to create patterns and textures. The very visible fibers are severed and the uncut fibers form the design.

Often overlooked, multilevel cut and textured loop carpet tiles provide many benefits. Both carpets have excellent durability. They are soil resistant and great for high traffic areas.

When deciding on your carpet style, it’s a good idea to assess the needs of your family and consider your lifestyle so you can choose the carpet type that will provide the most durability and beauty in your home.
There are many beautiful carpets to choose today, the construction of a variety of fibers, patterns, colors and styles to meet your needs.

This Will Show You How Simple Choosing Cut or Loop Pile Carpet in Snellville GA Can Be.

I have had a very long career in the flooring industry in which I have learned a wealth of information on the subject. Because I want others to be able to make sensible, knowledgeable decisions, I enjoy to share what I know with other people.
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