Did You Know You Can Save Around 80% On Buying Your Next Carpet?

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The fact is that the majority of the carpet that they sell is imported, yes that’s right, and because it’s imported you don’t get the guarantees that you would usually get with a UK manufactured carpet.

The carpet that they do promote from UK manufactures is sold massively overpriced, which we believe is tantamount to abuse, so when they have 50% off carpet sales and neglect to tell you that they have started their sell price for the carpet 10 times what they actually pay for it.

Now we’re not mentioning any names, but I’m sure you can work it out for yourself, simply look for those oh so familiar sale sign’s plastered all over the carpet shop windows.

Now lets have it right, we’re all for enterprising businesses making a profit but 1000%+ profit on carpet gripper, and 300% profit on carpet underlay we think is just a bit much, especially in these financially tight times.

The other thing that frustrates us is that in the early days they seemed to be supporting the UK manufacturing industry by pushing their products heavily through their huge carpet stores, but as they got bigger their overall spend and commitment to UK carpet manufactured faltered.


So what do we think the industry needs right now, we’ll its simple really cut out the middle man and save cash on carpet, buy direct from local carpet shops that support UK manufactured carpet, companies that make a healthy profit but actually provide superb value and service.

What’s next, simply buy your carpet via eCarpets.co.uk and you’ll be guaranteed that you will get the best deals on great UK manufactured carpet and you won’t pay way over the odds or get ripped off from the big boys?

The carpet industry is a real funny sector, there are so many different places that you can buy carpet from, with 1000 of different styles, colours and brands of carpet, unfortunately buying your carpet is not the most straight forward process.

Where do you start, with local shops, huge carpet stores, mobile carpet fitters the options are so many, and historically buying your carpet has been like buying double glazing, you never know if you’re going to get ripped of with your next carpet.

How do you know if the price you have been quoted for your new carpet is the best deal you can get, we’ll with the arrival of the internet you may be glad to here that the days of playing Russian roulette with carpet is over.

Buy carpet online via our website eCarpets.co.uk and you’ll be taking a massive step to limiting the risk involved in buying your new carpet, we have created a network of supporting carpet shops across the UK that are dedicated to some core values.

All of the supporting stores believe in providing superb value, service and access to the best UK manufactured carpet without the huge profit margins usually associated with buying quality carpet.

It’s all completely free, simply go to our website eCarpets.co.uk and you’ll not be disappointed, we’ve made the process as simple and as fast and painless as possible.

Don’t worry about going online to buy your next carpet, it might not be the way that your used to buying carpet but you hey your going to save yourself an absolute packet.

We are dedicated to bringing you to the doorstep of great carpet deals; we tick all the boxes when it comes to getting your feet on a great comfy new carpets for your home or office.

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