All You Wanted To Know About Karastan Rugs

Karastan is a leading name in rugs and carpets. The company started its operations way back in 1928 and now is one of the best brands in rugs. Its rugs come in both natural and synthetic material. The beauty of these rugs is that it is difficult to tell the difference between these machine made rugs and the handmade rugs. Karastan area rugs have the timeless charm of handmade rugs and therefore are in high demand.

Karastan is known for its wool area rugs. These high quality rugs are made from worsted wool. The New Zealand wool used for making these rugs is environment friendly. Besides using the raw material of best quality, Karastan also ensures that its manufacturing processes adhere to the highest quality standards. Since the wool is produced without the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides, these carpets are non-allergic. They do not get soiled easily and therefore are easy to maintain. These carpets are safe to use as they are fire resistant and hence pose little risk of catching fire. Moreover, they are resilient to any marks left by the placement of heavy furniture on them, which makes them long lasting.


If you are the one who follows green practices, then Karastan rugs are for you. These rugs are CRI green label certified and therefore are widely used in LEEDS certified buildings.

Besides wool rugs, Karastan also manufactures rugs in silk, polypropylene, nylon and viscose. Every rug goes through the patented Karastan wash that gives them a soft, luxurious feel. It has a wide collection of rugs with the popular names being Original Karastan, Shahpura, Ashara rugs, English Manor Collection, Studio Artworks and Antique Legends. Shahpura collection is inspired from the Persian designs, whereas most Ashara rugs are in traditional designs.

Karastan rugs come in various sizes. You can get runners as well as rugs to cover the entire floor area of the room. The rugs come in different colors and shapes and it is easy to find the one that compliments the d├ęcor of your home or office. All these rugs come with a minimum 10 years limited defect warranty.

Maintaining a Karastan rug is not very difficult. You have to follow the basic maintenance rules as for any other rug or carpet. Regular vacuum cleaning will ensure that it does not get clogged with dust and other foreign particles. One should immediately blot the area with a dry and clean cotton napkin if any food or drink gets spilled on the rug.

If you want to buy a Karastan rug, you will have to shell out anything from 00 upward. Therefore, it is best to list down your requirements before you buy this rug. Discounted Karastan rugs are available at a number of online stores. Such stores usually have a huge inventory of these rugs. If you type Karastan rugs in any search engine, it will give you the list of the online stores at which these rugs are available for sale.

If one wants to buy various different types of rugs online at discounted rates, one can visit the online store of the Karastan rug to make an informed and batter choice of rugs.

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