Blues Guitar Course: Is Playing Through The Blues Worth The Hype?

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According to author Griff Hamlin: “Playing Through The Blues – Guide For The Lead Guitar Player“, is the most comprehensive and easiest method to learn Blues Lead Guitar… You will learn every amazing lick, scale, technique, and cool trick that you’ll ever need to know… You’ll learn how guys like Eric Clapton, BB King Buddy Guy, SRV, Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie King, Robert Cray and so many more have amazed audiences around the world”.

About The Author:

Mr. Hamlin is a 20 year veteran of teaching guitar and performing gigs all over the world. He has also been formally trained in music at the USC Thorton School of Music. Currently he has released 2 albums and has played on recordings of several other artists.

Who Will Benefit Most From Playing Through The Blues?

This blues guitar course is not for absolute beginners especially if they have never touched a guitar. However, you don’t need a lot of experience to succeed either. An experienced beginner that has not necessarily mastered the following skills but, has at least been introduced to them should succeed: barre chords, the notes of at least one Major scale, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bending strings, sliding and an understanding of how to read a music staff, tabs and chord diagrams.

Are These Lessons Designed For Electric or Acoustic Guitar Players?

While you need to learn and understand many of the same basic fundamentals for acoustic and electric blues this course has a major focus on the electric side.

The Format of This Blues Course

This course is a video and audio enhanced ebook. As you read through the ebook there are illustrations with numbers telling you which video or audio lessons and examples to find and play.


What Is Included With This Blues Course

Playing Through The Blues splits the lessons into 2 broad groups:

1. Chords and Rhythm
2. Playing Lead with creating your own blues solos.

Each of these sections comes with a 50+ page lesson book accompanied by corresponding videos and audio examples. High quality Jam Tracks are also available for practicing solos on the fly while playing with a pre-recorded band. These jam tracks cover many different sub-styles of blues music including: Jazz Blues, Rock blues, Country Blues, Shuffle and more.

Bonus materials include: Bonus Jam Tracks, Finding Notes Lesson, Chord Substitutions and Blues Shapes.

The Negatives

First the format is that of an ebook that you must download from the internet then read from your computer or print out on paper. I much prefer the continuity of an all-video dvd lesson program instead of an ebook that is enhanced with video snippets. Secondly, the way the these lessons are delivered, as internet downloads, is inconvenient and time consuming (although there is a cost saving of to USD as compared to courses burned on physical dvds). You have a choice of 2 types of video files to download. The MP4 video file type took about 3 hours to download on a cable TV broadband connection. The WMV files took almost 7 hours. Another slight problem is that the videos are a little fuzzy and do not always present clear detail.


The Positives

Griff Hamlin is an excellent guitar teacher and has an incredible amount of real world practical tips for playing blues lead guitar in many styles. His relaxed demeanor and organized style makes the lessons easy to understand. Many dvd courses that offer blues guitar training of this high caliber sell for to more. This is a complete course and not just a list of blues licks to be memorized. The play along Jam Tracks are recorded using a full band and well done.


Support and Guarantee

There is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, an email address for questions, and a blog for frequently asked questions. (I sent a question to the email address during a busy holiday weekend and received a response in only 24 hours).


The price is USD with no shipping costs because this course is 100% downloaded from the internet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you can only spend on a blues course and don’t mind the inconvenience of downloading process, then jump on this program and you won’t be disappointed. If you can afford 0 for a full video dvd course then you might be better served to initially buy Learn and Master Blues Spotlight by Steve Krenz (click here for a review).

It is worth noting that when acquiring advanced or specialty guitar lessons like this one it is almost always beneficial to be exposed to the teachings of many different master instructors. Mr Hamlin offers many transcendent tips and advice that are not necessarily available anywhere else. So for these reasons I recommend “Playing Through The Blues” guitar lessons by Griff Hamlin as either a high quality / low cost first option or as an important secondary resource for your Blues Guitar Lessons library.

Playing Through The Blues John Mackinnon has posted reviews of popular video blues guitar lesson courses on his website To learn which blues guitar lesson courses are gems and which to avoid click here: Blues Guitar Instruction

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