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Cleaning the carpet in a home or business can be done in multiple ways that range from steam cleaning to a carbonation cleaning process. Instead of trying to clean the carpets yourself, have it done professionally by a carpet cleaning service.

Cleaning Carpets with Shampoo

Cleaning a carpeted area or rug is easiest when using specialized shampoo for carpets. This method uses a simple chemical spray solution that has high levels of stable foam to reduce the wetness of the carpet. Once dry, the foam, dirt, and residue are simply vacuumed up leaving a clean, fresh smelling carpet or rug. The disadvantage of using a carpet shampoo is that it uses only surface cleaners and brighteners and does not clean down inside the fibers of the backing of the carpet – this is not very effective cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Carpets

The dry cleaning method is also referred to as an absorbent cleaning method. Water usage is very minimal and contains a color safe detergent in addition to a carpet safe solvent. The dry mixture is then sprinkled over the entire carpeted area and worked into the carpet with a machine. The machine that works the cleaner into the fibers also uses minimal amounts of water to allow the solvent to attract the dirt. When the machine sucks the water out of the carpet, the dirt is sucked up with it. The detergent used in this method is typically organic. Heavily soiled carpet may need more than one treatment if using this method. The dry cleaning method is a very popular carpet cleaning method in larger cities where there is a greater need, such as Portland Oregon, where it is often muddy or raining (leaving carpets prone to being dirty).


Cleaning Carpets with Carbonation

Cleaning carpets with a carbonated solution is often considered to be a dry cleaning method even though water is used. This method utilizes spinning brushes to work the solution into the fibers of the carpet, thoroughly soaking the carpet. Many carpet manufacturers discourage using carbonated cleaning methods as it damages the carpet fibers, does not remove a significant amount of dirt, and leaves much of the solution in the carpet. Due to the mixture of these problems, the carpeting is often soiled again very quickly.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

One of the most popular methods both individuals and professionals use on carpets is often referred to as steam cleaning. It is also called hot water extraction or external extraction as it utilizes hot water and a liquid detergent to soak the carpet fibers deep down – using rotating brushes – and then extracts the water, dirt, and solution back from the carpet. The steam cleaning method is also one of the most recommended carpet cleaning method as it offers the most success at removing dirt and other items from deep down into the carpet fibers. Individuals can purchase or rent steam-cleaning machines as well as hire a professional service for carpet cleaning Portland offers several such services that provide effective carpet cleaning using truck mounted steam-cleaning machines. It allows all of the humidity and dust to be exhausted outside the building or residence, thus preventing the re-soiling of the carpet. A truck-mounted machine also is more powerful, thus removing more of the water from the carpet and reducing drying time.

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