Myriad uses of LED blue lights

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Different colors have got different wavelengths and the broad-spectrum white light is created by the mixing of basic colors like red, blue, green etc, which have shorter wavelengths. Because of this, the same light source can be controlled to produce LED blue lights, or green light, or white light as required. Alternatively, white light is also created by combining a single light like blue or ultraviolet with a phosphor to create a white light. With the latter, the production costs will be less but the light will not lend itself to being adjusted to produce different colors.

Ever since LED blue lights came into use, they have been widely used for emergency vehicle lighting requirements. In USA police vehicles use blue warning lights when they need to stop another vehicle. Blue is also used by ambulances, fire engines, and by volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians as courtesy lights or as regular warning lights.

In the UK as well as in many European countries and Australia, blue is the predominant color in emergency vehicle warning lights. As such LED blue lights are extensively used by police, ambulance, firefighters etc. Blue lights are also used in the handheld flashlights carried by police and hunters because of the fact that blood stains become clearer when viewed with a blue light.


LED blue lights are also used in cosmetic therapy for skin treatment. It has been found to have a germicidal effect and is seen to be capable of killing bacteria that cause acne. LED blue lights of a wavelength ranging between 405nm and 420nm have the ability to penetrate the skin and generate singlet oxygen which can reduce acne inflammation without causing any notable negative side effects. Singlet oxygen is a form of reactive oxygen with a high therapeutic value.

Many subways and train stations in Japan are resorting to installing LED blue lights in the belief that these lights have a calming effect on the commuters who use the station. These lights are believed to reduce suicidal tendencies of people. Another purported positive effect of LED blue lights is that people with astigmatism problems have been reported to be able to read without glasses under this light.

LED blue lights are today the favorite of electronic equipments manufacturers. Desktops and laptops and mobile phones have LED blue lights on them but there have been customer complaints that continuous exposure to these blue lights are causing glare problems, eye irritation etc. Similar complaints have also been heard from those who had too much exposure to the LED blue lights of emergency vehicles. Some users have chosen to cover the blue lights of computers or change the blue lights of a clock.

LED blue lights also do a great job as decorative lights. It is used as wide angle lights, stalked lights, and as icicle lights for decorating railings, roof lines, and eaves. It is a favorite for Christmas tree ornamentation as well.

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