Extending The Life Of Your Carpet Is As Easy As Routine Cleaning

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If you are looking for the easiest way to extend the life span of your carpet, routine carpet cleaning is the way to go. Apart from the health benefits you derive from the routine and proper cleaning of your carpet, keeping it soft and in good condition as the day you bought it should be your goal as well. The fastest way to wear down your carpet is to ignore the manufacturer’s recommendation of bi-annual cleanings by a professional cleaner. Having your carpets professionally cleaned by Santa Fe house cleaning Services Company on a regular basis is another way you can improve the indoor air quality of your home and provide healthy environment for your family especially asthmatic and allergies sufferers.

There are different types of carpets used in homes and offices and there are also different recommended routine techniques for cleaning different carpets. Where an inappropriate technique is used to clean your carpet, its quality may be diminished and your carpet may even be ruined completely in the process. Here are some routine carpets cleaning methods you can adopt for regular cleaning of your carpets for maximum benefits.


Carpet cleaning methods for removing spots and odors from your carpets: To keep spots out of your carpets, endeavor to clean the spot where the spill occurs immediately. Spills have the tendency of leaving permanent stains on a carpet if not cleaned almost instantly. Carefully blot the affected area with a plain white paper towel or white cloths without rubbing the stained spot too hard in order to avoid causing damage to your carpet fibers. Shampoo, dish soap and any of the other gentle cleansers can be used to clean spills off carpets professionally without spreading the spill or cause damage to the fiber. If you have club soda or vinegar, you can also clean the spills quite well.

If you are looking for how to keep your carpets clean from a broad range of odors like pet odors and human body odors, use baking soda periodically sprinkled on your carpets to clean all kinds of odors off your carpets.

The use of shampoo foam method to clean carpets: This method utilizes a non-toxic environmentally friendly chemical that is scrubbed into the carpet. Allow the cleaning solution to dry after which you vacuum it out of your carpet with all the residue dirt. Shampooing method of carpet cleaning has its own disadvantage of letting your carpets to absorb dirt easily because of the cleaning shampoo solution.

How to use dry cleaning method to clean your carpet: This method is helpful where a carpet is used in a high traffic area but needs to be cleaned and returned for use almost immediately where little or no drying time is available. There are dry absorbent cleaning compounds you can use to attract dirt and debris out of your carpets and hence vacuum the residue out.

While all the carpet cleaning methods explained above can be used to get your carpets cleaned routinely, the best method for cleaning carpets is the use of hot water extraction. Hot water carpet cleaning technique uses steam to clean carpets with maximum results for your health and for keeping your carpets looking great and soft. It is a method you will need Santa Fe housekeeping experts to do for you because of the tools and professional techniques involved.

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