The Gorgeous Charm of Blue Gems

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The English name of blue gems is Aquamarine originated from Latin Sea Water. Because the color of the gems is blue as the seawater, people considered that such kind of beautiful gems come from the bottom of the sea. From that time on, blue gems have a close relationship with water.

Based on the legend and long-term habit, International Jewelry Association officially set the blue gems as the birthstone of March in the birthstone table. The table is not list out casually. It has condensed the elite of orient and western cultures. What’ more, it’s the deep understanding of folk-custom culture and the gem itself.

It is said that there is a group of mermaids living in Blue Ocean. Usually, they use blue gems to decorate themselves. Once they come across danger, they just need to let the gems irradiate from sunshine so that they could deserve the mysterious power to help themselves. Therefore, blue gems got another name “Merman Stone”.

No matter eastern or western people, they all consider water as the resource of life. And March is the right time for everything activated. Therefore, the blue gems with the nature of water are considered the birthstone of March, symbolizing maturity, boldness and intelligence. In western country, those who are wearing blue gems are considered to have the mysterious power for future prediction.


Due to its intimacy with water, blue gems are long-term used as talisman, especially for those who usually live above the sea. They all consider blue gems can grasp the soul of the ocean. In recent centuries, sailors were used to using blue gems to pray ocean god for the safety of the sailing. Therefore, blue gems are considered Mascot Stone. From the sailors in the movies, you will found that most of them were wearing blue gems around the neck. Of course, the sailors of different level wear blue gems of different grade.

Except the safety protection, blue gems are also regarded as the stone of love. In ancient Greek myth, there was the Aeolus called Roland with handsome appearance but lower status. Later, he fell in love with an ordinary girl, which was not allowed by the divinity circle. In order to be loyal with his own love, Roland sacrificed his life. Before he died, Roland begged Venus, the Goddess of Love, to seal his soul in the blue gems as the birthstone of people born in March to protect them find their own true love. Therefore, people in Mediterranean love to wear blue gems so that they can assure themselves the sweet love and happy marriage. Very interesting, there is still another saying about blue gems in the perspective of emotion. Wearing it is beneficial for extramarital affair. It sounds very charming, isn’t it? However, I am not sure whether it is true or not.

In our country, we usually call blue gem the sapphire crystal and sort it into the gem of middle grade. While recently, the price of blue gem keeps increasing. What decides the value of blue gems is the size and color. In current world, the blue gems over several decade carats are rarely seen. In the early twenty century, there found a piece of sapphire crystal of  19 inch long and 16 inch wide in Brazil, totally weighed 243 pounds. Blue interior and green exterior, it is the biggest blue gem in the history. Since the new was declared, the buyer surged in and finally bought away by a German with100, 000 marks.


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