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The most important step in any carpet cleaning process is to get the carpets dry as much as possible. I’m not talking several hours or days, that is unhealthy. My signature service has always been to get your carpets dry to the touch by the time I leave your home even if I Truck Mount steam cleaned your carpets.

We term our Rapid Speed Dry service as our Flash Dry process. We use the very unique Airpath downdraft fans which blow air across the carpet fibers at a full 360 degrees. These high tech fans pull the warm air that rises to the ceiling into the fan and rapidly dries your carpet fibers.



One of the biggest reasons carpet cleaners get call backs to correct things is due to things that wick back to the surface. Spots, spills, pet stains and many times just plain dirt. You have probably heard of someone that you know who had a horrifying carpet cleaning experience where the carpet took days to dry & after it dried the spots/spills all came back and not only is it dirtier now that it’s dry but it also smells.

You see, all of those spots, the spills, the pet stains,  or anything else that soaked the carpet has made it’s way to the carpet pad which is a sponge. Even your last over soaked carpet cleaning has helped contaminate that sponge. Those do-it-yourself machines over soak your carpets & much of that dirty water combined with the sticky soapy chemical residues have penetrated the pad.

When I clean your carpets I first determine your carpet fiber and adjust water pressure and vacuum for that particular carpet fiber. Wool carpet holds much moisture, Nylon does also but not as much as wool and a polyester carpet holds very little. With carpet fibers such as polyester we use Moisture Control since it easy to lose control of the moisture & have it pass through the backing where we never will go.

When the carpet pad or the backing gets wet then there will be issues of things that wick to the surface. So just imagine what is in the pad – pet urine, vomit, drink spills, pulverized soils, carpet powder deodorizer, and of course the bacteria. Have you ever had your carpet clean & after the carpet cleaner left, you wiped your hand across the soaked carpet fibers and smelled your hand? Didn’t smell too good did it! This is what has started to wick to the surface.

For this reason and that I am there to truly clean your carpet in the first place, I ensure that the carpets are dry to the touch when I leave. We don’t need any bacteria on the tips of the carpet fibers!

Gary McKay is the owner of Miracle Services, Inc. in San Diego, California. Member of the the QCCN – Quality Carpet Cleaners Network for San Diego county. He provides Carpet Cleaning In San Diego, carpet repair, Upholstery cleaning & tile & grout service. Besides Residential Service, Miracle Services also provides a large volume of commercial service in the county.

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