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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are the rugs offered by RugsToMyDoor first quality?
Definitely! We select our area rug manufacturers with care and concern. The area rugs offered on our site are the same high quality that is found at a local area rug retailer…often times for much less cost, PLUS free shipping.

How do I know you are a reputable company?
RugsToMyDoor has been in business for many years, and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on our website, inventory and staff. Review comments other customers have made, call our Customer Care Specialists at 888.784.3924 or send us an email if you like at We genuinely want you to join the wide range of individuals from all across the United States that come back to RugsToMyDoor time and time again for their area rug needs.

How do I purchase Gift Cards?
Easy! Simply call our Customer Care Specialists toll free at 888.784.3924. They will walk you through the speedy process. Gift cards are the ideal way to give someone a stylish new area rug as a housewarming gift, or just because!

How do I redeem Gift Cards or merchandise credits?
As you checkout, there will be a space for you to enter the unique incentive code number you were given. Simply enter the information in the area specified, and the gift card or merchandise credit will be deducted from your purchase amount.

How long will it take for my new rug to arrive?
Simply click on the item you are interested in to find out when the rug would be arriving to you. We make every effort to ensure your rug arrives as quickly as possible.

Can I see a larger picture of the rug I am interested in?
Sure! Just click on the rug image, it will enlarge for you!

How do I care for my new rug?
See our rug care section of the site.

Do the colors of the actual rugs match the colors on the website?
All collections shown on the site have been professionally photographed and enhanced to show the true color and intricate details of each rug.

Do the rugs come with or without fringe?
Some collections are available with fringe others without fringe, please refer to the rug you are considering purchasing for specifications. The image of the area rug will show if the rug has a fringe or not.

How do I get my new rug to lay flat?
Nearly all of our area rugs lay flat immediately upon receipt. However, if yours is an exception to this rule, simply roll the rug in the opposite direction and store “reverse rolled” overnight. Then lay the rug out the next day. Most rugs will lie down flat once this process is completed. Also, allow the area rug to acclimate to the environment for 48 hours which will help it to lay flat. Always use caution to avoid tripping while the area rug is relaxing. Naturally, caution should always be used when walking on any flooring product or from one type of flooring product to another.

Can I order by telephone?
You are welcome to contact us via telephone to walk through the checkout process with you. Simply call us toll free at 888.784.3924. Or if you prefer, just fax the order into us at 303.722.9348. The dedicated fax line ensures your personal information is kept in safe hands. Just remember to include your phone number in case we have any questions.

What forms of payment are accepted for online purchases?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Network.

What kind of browser do I need in order to make online purchases from RugsToMyDoor?
Microsoft Internet Explorer tends to interact well with our site layout. That being said, if you have a different favorite browser, we strive to make our site compatible with them as well. One thing to keep in mind…if you are using AOL as a service provider, it is best if you log on using AOL, then reduce that screen and click on the Internet Explorer button on your desktop to use our site.

Will RugsToMyDoor send an order confirmation via email?
Yes, you will receive confirmation within minutes of the order being placed. Sometimes our mail is placed in a “spam block” folder. Be sure to add us as an allowed email account so that you receive order updates from us. We will not sell your email address or send you “spam” messages.

How can I find out the status of an order placed online?
The order you placed with RugsToMyDoor is updated as we receive status changes from our warehouses. Simply log onto your account by selecting the “order status” link. Orders are typically updated within 24 hours of being submitted to us.

What are the RugsToMyDoor return guidelines?
See our “No-Hassle” 30 Day In-Home Trial here.

Shipping Questions

How do I return an item I received from RugsToMyDoor?
Contact us at within 30 days of receipt. We will give you the step by step easy process.

Do you ship area rugs into countries other than the United States?
At present we ship goods only to United States addresses. Those addresses not in the continental United States, such as Alaska & Hawaii will incur an additional cost to offset the significant freight we incur for such locations. REMEMBER, shipping within the continental United States is absolutely free of charge!

Can orders be shipped to a P.O. Box?
We are not able to ship items to P.O. Boxes at this time. If you require assistance, please contact our Customer Care Specialists toll free at 888.784.3924 or email  RugsToMyDoor at

Can orders be shipped to foreign countries?
Sorry, we are unable to ship outside of the United States at this time.

Does RugsToMyDoor ship merchandise to Canada?
At this time, we regret that we are unable to ship merchandise to Canada from our website. We can ship merchandise to a United States address from a Canadian billing address. For assistance in completing a Canadian transaction shipping to the United States, simply call us toll free at 888.784.3924 or email us at

Can I place an order from a foreign country?
To place an order from a foreign country for delivery within the United States, please call us toll free at 888.784.3924.

How are area rugs delivered?
We ship your area rug by either UPS or Fed Ex. If you order accessory items such as area rug cleaner or area rug pad, we will likely ship those via Express USPS mail.

Security Questions

When I submit credit card information online, is it secure?
We at RugsToMyDoor take your security very seriously. In an effort to ensure your information is secure and safe:
Our site is scanned often and thoroughly to ensure it is safe and free of hackers by an independent company. Hacker Safe tests our site daily to ensure it passes the FBI/SANS internet security test. We add another layer of protection with our partners at GEO Trust. They verify our use of 128 bit SSL for the HIGHEST level of encryption technology possible. Additionally, our site has been verified to the highest security standards of American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and JCB with the guidance of Hacker Safe.We DO NOT EVER sell or distribute your information to other retailers for any purpose whatsoever. We DO NOT keep any of your credit card or bank information at all. The data is sent over a secure connection electronically, once an approval code is obtained, we do not maintain your payment information, as an even further layer of payment security.  We electronically verify that the credit card you use is valid, and yours through technologically superior and highly stringent methods. As technologies advance, RugsToMyDoor stays at the forefront of such enhancements to assure our customers the very finest and safest online experience.

Will RugsToMyDoor sell or rent my email address information to other companies?
We DO NOT EVER sell or distribute your information to other retailers for any purpose whatsoever.

Other Items

My question was not listed here. What should I do?
Easy! Simply contact our Customer Care Specialists at We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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