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Hottest Trends in Area Rugs

Hottest Trends in Area Rugs

Outdoor Living

Making use of every available space is something a lot of home owners are looking to do these days. Bigger homes and remodeling is hard to afford so what is a person to do? Take advantage of one of the hottest trends in home décor – create an outdoor space that melds seamlessly from inside of your home to out. People are creating outdoor kitchens, living rooms, entertaining spaces – bringing the total square footage of their home up while not increasing the foot print. I knew this would be a hot trend when at the last two area rug markets I noticed the large increase of indoor/outdoor area rugs. These rugs have come a long way from putting a piece of green grass carpet on the back deck. Indoor/Outdoor area rugs are now beautiful, textured, soft and look so good that many people are putting them inside as much as outside. With all the indoor/outdoor area rugs we offer, you are sure to find just the perfect accent to help you create an outdoor space that reflects your needs and personality. One quick note, unless an area rugs is specifically made (and states that it is made) to go outside in the elements do not put it outdoors. A rug not made for outdoor use will fall apart and not last. Just go to the Style box and choose "Indoor/Outdoor" to see our fine selection of Indoor/Outdoor rugs that Rugs to My Door has available.


Penny Wise

You can’t switch on a home renovation show these days without hearing about budgets, dimes, cost savings, etc and it is surprising what can be done to spruce up a room with out breaking the bank. With that in mind I’d have to say that one of the Hottest Trends is making a room over on a budget. Finding just the right look but doing it with out spending more money than need be. Area rugs are a great way to do this, not only can you find amazing looking rugs at great prices, these rugs make an instant statement without too much money involved. Rugs to My Door has been scouring out vendors to find area rugs that allow you to do a make-over on a budget. Area rugs that give you the most bang for your buck; that give you the chance to sparkle.  You will find hundreds of looks in all of today’s hottest colors. 

The Green Team

The environment is no longer on the periphery. We all know the inconvenient truth and most of us are making efforts to leave this world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Green homes are hot right now (and I hope they NEVER go out of style) with everything from light bulbs, energy efficient appliances, to area rugs that are either made from renewable fibers or made from recyclable fibers – Going Green is one trend that is here to stay. With area rugs you can easily find a look, a style, a color that will help you be green. Look for area rugs made from 100% wool to find a fiber that is not only renewable but easy on the planet. How about bamboo for a rug? We have that too! Sisal or jute area rugs? Those are in the mix of renewable resources that are available for area rugs. Finally, don’t forget to look at companies like Shaw that not only are employing greener manufacturing techniques, they also are making strong nylon area rugs that are completely recyclable when you are finished with them. Go ahead, click on the Style box and and see all of the fascinating and beautiful ECO-friendly area rugs we offer.

Wood is Good

The natural warmth and depth of wood is beautiful – and it is hot right now. You would think we would see a drop off in people wanting wood floors, but not yet – wood is still a growing trend. It may not be oak or maple right now, but hardwood floors are in and being seen in every part of the home. This brings me to the other part of the trend, the hard in hardwood. If you are following the trends and putting in a hardwood floor, don’t forget the area rug for on top of it. An area rug will finish the room, ground the space, add color and texture and also soften things. An area rug is the perfect compliment to a trendy hardwood floor and the perfect way to make sure your design ideas are realized. No matter if you have a wood floor in a traditional space (we have traditional area rugs) or a modern space (we have modern area rugs) Follow the trend – use that wood, but don’t forget the finishing touch of an area rug.